How To Temporary Lock Your Keyboard Key?

How To Temporary Lock Your Keyboard Key?

It happens many a time that you are watching a movie or a video and by mistake, you have interrupted from keyboard input.

While this happens you really might want to lock the keyboard of your device to stop wrongful input and you may face some problems.

You may lose some important data or your system settings may be disturbed on your PC. If you had locked your PC keyboard then you might not have had to deal with these events.

This article will surely help you can and so you can save yourself from such hassles.

How To Temporary Lock Your Keyboard Key?

Keyboard lock – What is it? Is it secure?

If you are using Windows or Mac computers, then you can temporarily disable using the keyboard lock feature. It becomes quite helpful if you are working on a task that needs a lot of concentration and you want to stay away from any errant keystrokes to interfere with it.

Most Wired and wireless keyboards come with a built-in lock function. The majority of the time, it functions similarly to function keys i.e. you can turn the keyboard on and off by simply toggling it. It’s possible, though, that your keyboard lacks the turning on and off input key. 

It is always good to know whether your laptop, wired or wireless keyboard has a keyboard lock sign on one of its keys.

Check out if there is any switch to choose an input and keystrokes to lock. And if you find any then you can lock your keyboard by pressing the button. 

Steps To Temporary Lock Your Keyboard

1. Use a shortcut widget

You can create a shortcut widget to lock your keyboard. It is very simple, you can do this by selecting” New,” “Shortcut,” and then typing” rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation” (Do not enter any quotes while creating a shortcut) in the field after right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop.

Click “Next” and then “Finish” to end the action. To lock the keyboard, double-click the shortcut you made on your desktop. 

2. Locking your computer: 

You can lock your keyboard by holding down the “CTRL,” “Alt,” and “Del” keys at the same time for a few seconds. You can perform this action even if your keyboard doesn’t have a” Windows” key. 

Choose the “Lock Computer” option when the Windows Security window appears. To lock the keyboard, choose “Shutdown” and then “Lock Computer” if the Task Manager window alternatively appears. When you turn on your computer, you can log back in by typing your password.

3. Making use of the Command Prompt: 

  • Command prompts can be used to lock the computer keyboard. 
  • By selecting “Run” from the “Start” menu, and typing “cmd” (Do not enter any quotes while creating a shortcut) into the field, you can lock the keyboard. 
  • By selecting “OK,” the action is completed. 
  • Enter “rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation” and press “Enter” to finish the action. 
  • Once locked, the keyboard cannot be used by anyone else. Also now, the computer is running.

4. Use the Keyboard to lock: 

The Windows OS comes with a keyboard shortcut for locking the keyboard. By concurrently pressing “Windows” and “L,” you can lock the keyboard.

If you have set a password, you can get to the keyboard again by pressing “Enter” and accessing it. The computer will maintain work and applications in the original state when the keyboard is locked.

If you are using a MacBook, then there is no designated key for locking the keyboard. You might need to buy a new wired or wireless keyboard, use a program, or both if you want to temporarily disable your keyboard.

It is also possible that even the best class keyboards lack the keyboard locking function. It is, therefore, necessary to use third-party software for limiting your inputs.


As we conclude here, now you know that you can lock your PC keyboard by using different ways such as creating a shortcut widget, your keyboard itself has key commands to lock, and you can lock your keyboard with the help of computer settings and making use of the Command Prompt option.

So, we hope that this article will help you to resolve your difficulties with locking your keyboard and save yourself from any hassle.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How do I lock my keyboard with my keyboard?

Ans: Press Ctrl+Alt+L to lock the keyboard. When the keyboard is locked, the keyboard Locker icon changes to reflect the same.

Q2: How do I enable the keyboard?

Ans: To enable the keyboard, click the start button, then select All Programs>Accessories>Ease of Access, and finally On-Screen Keyboard.

Q3: How do I reset my keyboard?

Ans: You need to hold the ESC key down while unplugging the keyboard. Then reconnect the keyboard to the computer while you press and hold the ESC key. Hold down the ESC key until you see the keyboard blinks. Reconnect the keyboard.

Q4: What is a lock screen keyboard?

Ans: Press these three keys at once Ctrl, Alt, and Del. When you see the menu on the screen, choose  “Lock” this computer from the options.